Prepare a Nokia Windows Phone smartphone 6 inches, RT and Windows tablet

Unidentified sources have confirmed to The Verge the arrival this year of a new Nokia Windows Phone 8. This follows the publication at the end of last month, allegedly stolen photos showing a screen Lumia about 6 inches.

The device in question is a Windows Phone 8 Smartphone 6 inches, called the moment "Bandit", and intended to come compete goblets that bloom on Android. It is equipped with a 1080p screen, quad-core Snapdragon processor. This would be the first device providing such screen resolution, while several are in preparation.

Addition to Android goblets

Other features expected by The Verge: a camera with a sensor at least 20 MP, with a shape similar to that found on the Nokia Lumia 925. The "Bandit" therefore present a hump on the back to accommodate the camera.

For the rest, the website believes that the device is thin and light enough, and should benefit from the achievements of Windows Phone in development that would support such screen sizes, such as a column " Additional tiles "on the home screen.

The Nokia is a pledge of renewed allegiance Microsoft mobile ecosystem. While this seems pretty good to succeed him in the field of Smartphones, it is interesting to note that last weekend, a rumor has revived the possiblearrival of a Windows tablet RT in the Finnish manufacturer.

If we understand the desire to diversify from Nokia, this announcement is a little surprising. Windows RT is far from unanimous, and struggling to find its place on the market. Collective complaint has even been launched against Microsoft by investors following the very poor performance of tablets surface.

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