Firefox OS: the first mobile available this summer

The Mobile World Congress 2013 looks busy. Proof is yesterday is that Mozilla has started the ball rolling with a series of announcements on its new mobile platform, namely Firefox OS. Even Firefox OS mentioned, and finally looks like an alternative to all current platforms. But in fact, if you dream to ask the tabs above, then know that you will not necessarily have to wait long as the first dedicated smartphone arrives in Europe this summer, and it will be even Alcatel One Touch Fire for those interested.

Great course, but still know that all countries will not benefit at the same time. In reality, the One Touch Alcatel Fire will first entry into Poland before landing quietly in the other countries of the old continent. Again, everyone will not necessarily be served at the same time and apparently our friends are Spanish and German will be the first opportunity to play with Firefox OS.

So of course, Mozilla has not stopped there and the foundation took the opportunity to highlight the first applications to be ported to Firefox OS. Because, well, a mobile platform, it is but a mobile platform with a nice app store is even better. The list is not exhaustive, of course, but we already know that Firefox OS will benefit a client Twitter and an application for Facebook. In addition, some games should also be part and it will be the case of Cut The Rope. Same for Airbnb, Box and SoundCloud.

Not bad, but be aware that Electronic Arts has also announced plans to ensure good porting its shares on Mozilla's mobile platform, and it proves that at least some publishers are very interested Firefox OS.

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