Google: Towards a listening music streaming?

Listening to music in streaming is fashionable at the moment and is well on the market a lot of services offering such features, services like Deezer or Spotify to name a few. Google, for its part, did not really marketed but this could soon change if we are to believe the Financial Times. According to the latter, the search giant and should launch in the coming months, a new service that would allow all users to listen to music online by going to draw in a large catalog. And even if it is only a rumor for now, we say that it would still make sense.

I know what you'll say. No, really, it's clear as water trickles down from the glaciers of Nepal. Google already offers an online service related to music, a service called Google Music and is even available in Europe since last November. You are absolutely right, of course, but it finally approaches a more iTunes / iTunes Match as an Radio or Pandora.

But here we are not talking about an online shop or service oriented "cloud" music, but rather a tool or service that would allow us to access a wide Catalog negotiated directly with record labels. A catalog is available directly online, or even on our mobile terminals through dedicated applications. The distinction is important, and it deserves to be highlighted.

The question is of course how this new service could arise. And for me, I think it would be natural that the firm integrates directly to this offer Google Music. In any case, what is certain is that it has all the resources and all the infrastructure necessary to implement this type of project. After all, Google is all for himself at the head of the largest video streaming platform. No, actually, the only thing it lacks is the agreement of record labels.

Record labels that would probably delighted to be working with one of the largest firms in the world ...

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