Facebook: Cover Photos landed on the events

One relatively recent features among the most interesting Facebook is adding the ability to improve our visual profiles with a cover photo, a feature that has since been extended to the pages . But there was another section which hitherto resisted the onslaught of coverage: events. Indeed, the events pages could be customized with a kind of profile picture. This is no longer the case since you can now add a cover photo to your event , a photo which will therefore entire width of the page and that will not complement the current picture but instead : unlike profiles and pages, you can combine the two and add a cover photo.

Not to mention revolution, that change is going to help a little better customize our events, a wide picture with more likely to be useful as a small image.

To add a cover photo to your event, the procedure to follow is quite simple as you just go to the page in question and click on "Add a photo to the event" more difficult to clear . You have the choice between upload a new photo or choose one from those already online. You can then adjust the position of the image and then delete it or change it later without any problems.

If the new can leave more than one indifferent, it should nevertheless be of interest to some, those who like to customize everything that moves, including.

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