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After weeks and weeks of wild rumors, Sony has finally decided to lift the veil on its PlayStation 4. The event took place that night will undoubtedly go down in history and will be quite normal since the arrival of a new home console is always an event to share. And then we can say that the Japanese giant hit really hard with a device powerful, attractive and benefits from a brand new architecture as well as a ton of very interesting features. Yes, features that should attract a lot of people, starting with all connected players. If you want to know more, know that everything is explained further down.

It is finally here, that everyone was waiting for! PlayStation 4 has finally been announced by Sony and we can say that it was an event a little apart. This is perfectly logical since the Japanese manufacturer will not start a new console every year. That said, even if the presentation was not as complete as hoped, it would seem that the latter has hit hard, and very hard...

Design & Features

Must admit, the event organized by Sony itself as a festival announcements of any kind. We actually had something for everyone and the Japanese firm has stopped on many features pure as his console in its main features, without forgetting its first games.

Great, of course, but there is still a small problem: Sony has not shown his console . Yes, you read that right, two-hour event, we have not had the opportunity to see that even the shadow of the logo of the new home console manufacturer. The most obvious explanation, I think, is that it has not yet decided on the final look of the PS4, it is even possible that its designers are still working on it and it will therefore be very patient until you know what it's like console.

Sony, however, was far more comprehensive to discuss the technical features of the PlayStation 4. According to all the rumors that have circulated on the web in recent months, the architecture of the latter is very close to a single PC:
  • CPU: Processor x86-64 AMD 8 cores Jaguar + another CPU.
  • GPU: AMD Radeon "next generation" 1.84 TFLOPS.
  • RAM: 8 GB GDDR5.
  • Hard Drive: Integrated.
  • Optical Drive: BD 6xCAV, DVD 8xCAV.
  • Ports: USB 3.0, 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet, HDMI.
  • Ports: HDMI, Analog-AV out, Optical Digital Output.
  • Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1.

On paper, it has a console that should be significantly more powerful than the PS3, which will enable publishers to go a little further in the design of their video games. Also note that you will find at the end of this article some videos featuring the first games that will accompany the PlayStation 4 videos that will give you a clearer idea of ​​the possibilities of the latter.

DualShock 4 & Accessories

To build its new console, Sony has not merely the technical review of the latter, the company also took the opportunity to design a new controller that has more to do with the game controller for PS3 . The DualShock 4 is its name, is actually much more than the previous generation. We suspected, of course, but we all de same report that the final version of the new controller Sony has nothing to do with the prototype is shown in picture in recent weeks.

The DualShock 4 benefits so much more aggressive lines and a bit more compact than those of the famous prototype. And functions? There is much to say:
  • Sticks and buttons: The DualShock 4 shows obviously the same controls and the same buttons as the previous generation. We thus find a directional pad, two analog sticks, four face buttons and four triggers to top it off.
  • The touch area: Not surprisingly, Sony has decided to replace the buttons "SELECT" and "START" by a touch area that looks exactly the same as the PS Vita and should bring joy publishers.
  • The button "Share" It will finally part of it! Sony has effectively integrated its handle a button that will allow players to share a moment in his exploits with his friends. And not only in fact, since the latter can even send messages and even take control of our game if we give them the right.
  • PS Move's touch: The DualShock 4 also benefit functions inherited from the PS Move. Sony has not dwelt on the subject, but we should learn a little more about it very quickly.

Also note that the PlayStation 4 will also be accompanied by a new camera, a new PlayStation Eye, which include two cameras capable of shooting in 720p, four microphones and will also benefit from a field of view of 85°. So this is the response from Sony Microsoft Kinect, the whole question is of course whether this accessory will be bundled with the console or sold separately. Note also that the PS4 will work perfectly with the PS Move current.

Backwards compatibility & Streaming

The time has come to talk about backward compatibility and streaming. As suggested by the rumors in recent weeks, the PlayStation 4 will unfortunately not be able to run games from the PS3. However, to reassure fans of retro-gaming, Sony has taken the technology to develop u Gaikai platform does streaming will allow us to replay the titles of the PlayStation 3, of course, but also those of the PlayStation 2 and even those of the PlayStation.

This is obviously very interesting, but Sony is unfortunately not go into details and does not know what form this service will be offered. In all likelihood, it should not be free - otherwise would be very surprising - but it remains to be seen whether the titles in the catalog are sold individually or if Sony will introduce a monthly fee.

History to end on a positive note a little, we can also say that Sony has finally decided not to implement licensing system. In other words, the PlayStation 4 should be all-in-fact capable of running games and can be used to add this information comes straight from one of the managers of the firm, who was interviewed by Eurogamer. Logically, Microsoft should adopt the same strategy with the Xbox 720 and it is obviously very good news for all players.


It's been a while since Sony is working on its ecosystem, the firm aims to effectively connect all devices with each other, and to create a streamlined and consistent. The PlayStation 4 is also included in this process and it is precisely for this reason that Sony has decided to design a specific application, which will allow us to use our smartphone or tablet touch as our second screen.

Again, Sony has remained relatively quiet but we know that these applications will not be restricted to the management of our profile. Certainly, it will be possible to use these tools to share with our friends or even to see our different rewards, but the ambition of the manufacturer goes much further than that. In fact, ultimately, it should inspire a lot of what Nintendo offers with its Wii U and GamePad.

And indeed, if you have a PS Vita at home, then know that Sony plans in the long term, allow it to run games directly from the PlayStation 4, exactly like the Nvidia Project Shield . It will probably be patient, but this idea is nevertheless very attractive and it is even quite possible that this announcement boosts the sales of the portable console from Sony.

Platform & Features

Requires new console, Sony also took the opportunity to design a brand new platform that will benefit from a redesigned interface, of course, but also some very interesting features. Take, for example, you should know that the PlayStation 4 will allow us to play a game that we are currently downloading or even throw parties during the installation of updates to the console. How is this possible? Just because Sony had the idea to integrate the PS4 a second CPU dedicated to all those menial tasks.

Well, but there's more. PlayStation 4 will also be able to get to know us and we can therefore suggest titles and products to meet our expectations. This is quite interesting since it also means that the new home console manufacturer will aim to assist the player in his wanderings video games.


A console is nothing without obviously a complete catalog. Sony has used its conference to release information on the first titles that will accompany its PlayStation 4. There will obviously be for everyone, but the manufacturer has already announced nine games particularly promising Driveclub, Second Son inFAMOUS , Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack, Deep Down, Destiny, The Witness, Watch Dogs and Diablo 3. Bam calms immediately, right? Between Destiny and Watch Dogs, we should have plenty to do and we can also notice that Blizzard has finally decided to trust Sony and adapt well to their last title PS4.

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