Google Chrome: soon a web application launcher

Google Chrome works hard and he currently holds the top spot on the field of web browser with 36.52% market share in the world. However, far from resting on its laurels, Google continues to make improvements and it is well that the firm has decided to integrate their browser web application launcher , launcher which simply allow you to access to some online tools in one click. Not bad, of course, and there are even better since it is already available on the "dev channel" and you will be able to enjoy it now ...

Nice, obviously, but it should nevertheless temper that good news since the launcher is currently only available on Windows... Morality, if you are running Mac OS or Linux, you will have no choice but to take your troubles patiently. It's sad, it's unfair, but that's it.

What is known is that the launcher will take the form of an icon will be added automatically to the Windows taskbar, right next to all the other pinned applications. Suffice it then click on it to see a small window listing all the applications installed on your web browser. Applications that will be presented on a grid and several home screens. At the top of the window, you will also find a search box that will allow us to grab quickly on the implementation of our choice.

Okay, that's great, but how we can enjoy it? All you have to do is to get the installer that goes to this address. That and the passage, we can not fail to note that Chrome is approaching more and more Chrome OS. And yeah, even that Google should continue in this direction for the next versions to come.

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