Google Play Music All Access: catch the web service and mobile application

Among the various new products announced earlier in the week at the Google I / O, there's All Access Music Play either the new service listening music streaming Google. A service that is very close to a Spotify or Deezer but which is, for now, available in the United States. A terrible injustice, of course, but all is not lost as much as a good reader of the Fredzone managed to access the platform. He has the opportunity to take a number of catches featuring web portal concocted by Googlers and mobile application available on Android. Catch you will now be able to find later in the article.

As you can see by looking at the pictures accompanying this article, the interface of Play Music All Access is quite similar to that of Google Music. We are faced with a service playing the card of minimalism, with some gray and orange shades.

The functionality of the service is accessible through a fixed control located in the left side of the sidebar window. With a few clicks, it will be possible to access the latest albums added to the catalog of the platform, but we can also go dig into our personal library if your heart tells us. Same, always in this area, there will also be a shortcut pointing directly to radio stations Play Music All Access, thematic radio created by you or by other users of the service.

Play Music All Access: for all playlists

A little further down, we can also get their hands on the playlists. The latter can be of two types: on the one hand, we have the auto-generated playlists by Play Music All Access, on the other playlists created by the user. Regarding the latter, there is not much to say except that it will be possible to share with our friends, or on Google+, or by relying on a specific link. The auto-generated playlists, in turn, should eventually allow us to more easily discover new music, new artists. It would appear that the platform is able to trace the most popular titles, the latest titles added or even titles donated by record labels. Best, by clicking on the appropriate option, it will also be possible to display the playlists shared by our friends.

Always in the same place, we also have a "Explore" module will aim to make us discover new things. A module that will highlight popular content, the latest releases or even recommendations. Recommendations based on our tastes, and therefore totally customized. A little further, we can also take a walk in the catalog of Play Music All Access by selecting the type of interest. It also most musical genres are represented seem, can be warm and ears with R & B, Blues, Folk, Pop the Gospel or even if your heart tells us.

Whatever the topic in which we find ourselves, we generally entitled to the same display. All albums will be displayed as well as miniatures, with beautiful covers that we will want to click on it. By selecting the album of our choice, then it will be possible to display all tracks list. Again, the result is quite interesting, and quite visual.

I have not even tested the service, I can not really tell you what it is but it seems at least offer all the features found on other platforms like. However, I have a little more trouble with the interface seems rather austere and rather gloomy. I would have very much preferred that Googlers are based on the new version of Google+ to design the interface of their new platform.

Good, and the Android application then? Here, it is very simple, we find exactly the same visual identity and the same interface as the web portal. Basically, it is very similar to Google Music, but with all the features we just mentioned.

And a big thank you to those who recognize reading these lines!

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