Sony shows its e-ink tablet screen for students

Not even five days ago I talked on here about the new Sony interesting proposal for the education sector, consisting of a tablet with e-ink screen of 13.3 inches . Today luckily we teach and a first running video team, thanks to the presence of the manufacturer in Educational IT Solutions Expo being held these days in Japan. Developed in conjunction with E Ink, the prototype has, as you know, with A4 size and has a Mobi E Ink flexible display that only weighs 60 grams-talk about a reduction of almost 50% compared to other similarly sized conventional screens -, thus helping to achieve a device really light (358 grams total) and portable (its thickness is 6.8 mm). Its range is estimated at three weeks.

Obviously this is a prototype and as it clarifies Sony, their software still does not work as well as you'd like, despite this, the answer seems acceptable and certainly represents a promising team for the student sector-indeed, hope to make the first tests on three private universities in the country in the second half of the year. So you see with your own eyes how the team responds to the stylus scribbles and scriptures that accompanies it, have a video, recorded by the folks at DigiTimes , waiting after the jump. Do not miss it.

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