Instagram will soon arrive on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 was officially presented by the manufacturer last week and the first returns seem quite mixed. The platform is nice, mobiles are attractive, but not everything is rosy and one of the main criticisms addressed to him, there is a catalog of applications. To enrich its BlackBerry World, actually dug much on the side of Android and there is finally not so much that native applications. Damage, of course, but that should change soon. Instagram should happen very quickly BlackBerry 10. And this is still a very good news.

Attention all information is not official. It therefore does not RIM / BlackBerry, or Facebook / Instagram. In fact, it would be a "source familiar with the matter" that would have disclosed the information to CrackBerry. In other words, it will take a while before the champagne.

Speaking of BlackBerry 10 and applications available on the BlackBerry World, we can add that if the benefits of a catalog of 70,000 applications - against just over 730,000 in the AppStore and more or less the same for Play the Store - 40% of these are in reality mere ports of Android. means that the BlackBerry World would total 42,000 actually native applications. This is not, of course, and it's finally here above all is to play. Terminals provide powerful and comprehensive mobile platform rich not enough. If RIM / BlackBerry wishes to impose on the mobile phone market, it will primarily appeal to developers and publishers.

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