Xbox 720 "Durango" an ad for spring?

Just like its big rival, the Xbox 720 "Durango" is more about her and if some of its specifications have been circulating on the web few days, we still do not know when it will be formalized by Microsoft. It's unfortunate, obviously, but Polygon apparently got some information on the subject from a source close to the matter. According to the latter, the Redmond company could then present its new home console this spring , or a few weeks.

Just for those who are not born with a calendar in the head and who have bothered to go snooping on Wikipedia, you can add the spring usually begins on 19, 20 or 21 March. In addition, it usually lasts until June and if we believe the information obtained by Polygon, this means that the Xbox 720 "Durango", or whatever his name might be officially unveiled between March and June.

A few weeks before E3 2013. Microsoft and apply the same strategy as Sony unveiling its new console in front of the famous salon and during an event that would be dedicated. On paper, it is not stupid because it would then allow the firm to highlight the first titles that will be available on the console during E3.

Speaking, you can also take time to remember the supposed technical specifications of the Xbox 720. This would issue a 8-core processor clocked at 1.6 Ghz , a dedicated GPU clocked at 800 MHz , with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM , a Blu-ray drive, USB 3.0 ports and an Ethernet port. Features that would be found also in the SDK console, except that the latter embark 12GB of RAM, which is not surprising since this kind of kit is usually a little more muscular than the final version of the console.

In addition, Microsoft is currently testing several versions of the console, and therefore different "form-factor." The firm would also consider the option "console subsidized but unfortunately we do not know any more at the moment and it will have to wait a little longer to see more clearly.

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