Ouya: a new console every year

This year is likely to be particularly busy for our friends gamers. Between the output of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox 720, they may have much to do during the coming months. Especially since they can also count with Ouya which should no longer delay to show the tip of his nose. Yes, Ouya, the same one that has caused much ink last year and has attracted some big names in the videogame scene as Square Enix and OnLive to name a few. And indeed, if we talk about today, it is not for nothing as the CEO of the company has formally announced a new console come out every year.

It was during an interview conducted by Engadget that Julie Uhrman CEO Ouya launched this huge cat among the pigeons. The latter has actually discussed the future of his company, stating that it had properly applied the same strategy for the sector of mobile telephony by launching each year a new console. In other words, we can count on a Ouya 2 in 2014 and 3 in a Ouya 2015.

Who says new console also said technical specifications revised upwards. Each new console and benefit of a new chip and additional storage space. Knowing that the first line runs on Tegra 3, we can reasonably assume that the two Ouya benefit from the Tegra 4 which was announced by Nvidia at the last CES. Be careful though because Julie also wanted to reassure gamers and developers: backward compatibility will be required. Basically, then, this means that all Ouya future will be able to run games and applications developed for the first version of the console.

So of course, on paper, it might seem that the Ouya has absolutely no chance against the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Nevertheless, we must not forget that it will be offered in the symbolic € 100. And this is still a sacred argument, especially when you know the possibilities offered by Android.

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