The "Floating Touch" for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

If the latest gossip are true, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be formally submitted by the manufacturer as soon as March, for marketing in early April. This leaves only a few weeks to wait before know all the new flagship of the fleet of the South Korean firm, but we should still see a few rumors before the finale. Proof of this is the DDaily the Galaxy S4 could share the beautiful ... "Floating Touch" ! What is it? Good question, and everything is explained just a little lower.

If my memory is correct, the "Floating Touch" is a technology invented by Sony and it seems to me that it made ​​its first arms with the Xperia Sola. You do not know maybe not but it was pointed out at the beginning of last year by offering a whole new way to interact with the platform without our fingers are in contact with the terminal screen.

How? Simply through a special film which is positioned above the touch screen and which is capable of determining the position and distance of the finger. It suffices to place twenty millimeter terminal to perform some actions like scrolling the contents of a page or select options. You will find at the end of this article is a video that will help you better visualize the concept, and thus better understand his interest.

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