BlackBerry: New terminal soon

RIM / BlackBerry and plays big as that in the coming months are likely to be decisive for the Canadian manufacturer. Stalled for some time, it will actually have to show a lot of ingenuity to reclaim mobile users. And if he will obviously rely on BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 or even the Q10 to be, it seems to be determined to not put all your eggs in one basket. Proof is the CEO of the firm announced in an interview conducted by the M channel CTV he planned to launch very soon new terminals , terminals that should hit the market before the end of the year.

New smartphones, really? Certainly, but be careful of yourself-that you do not pack too quickly since they do not actually aim that entry and the mid-range.

And that's not all. No, Thorsten Heins also refers to a docking station that should soon be marketed and will easily connect a monitor and keyboard to a BlackBerry. Why? Simply turn it into workstation, just as that proposed for Android Ubuntu . The interest thing is that it will be possible to enjoy his personal working environment from anywhere in the world. A very attractive solution, therefore, especially for those who spend their lives on the road.

In short, for the moment we do not know much but it seems that RIM / BlackBerry is reassembled something good and this is obviously not displease me. Now, as to whether this will be enough to allow the company to return to the race, this is another debate.

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