PlayStation 4: The price and other premium information

According to the latest rumors date, the PlayStation 4 will be officially presented next few days, probably around February 20. It is now several weeks as speculation is rife and so we have seen a lot of information through "exclusive" on the console specifications, functions, or even its game controllers This time it is The Asahi Shimbun who managed to get some additional elements, starting with the price of the console next "next gen" of Sony. A console that could ultimately cost a bit more expensive than what was originally planned ...

Basically, the price of the console was estimated by experts Baird Equity Research between $ 350 and $ 400. This was obviously not an estimate launched in a hurry since they were launched in a real investigation during CES 2013 to try to get more information on the subject.

And if we are to believe the Japanese site, so our experts might have been too optimistic. According to the latter, the PlayStation 4 could thus be proposed on top of $ 400, and maybe even around $ 500 for the most complete packages. Strange? Not really since the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were proposed more or less the same price in their time. If my memory serves me correctly, there is the PlayStation 3, which was offered at a more competitive price for the basic version.

As mentioned in the title of my article, the price of the console is not the only information put forward in the report of the site. This also confirmed another rumor running on the web for a few weeks, that the PlayStation 4 could leave the United States and in Japan at the end of the year, against early 2014 for Europe.

And then there's the added bonus that goes well, the bonus is likely to please some of you. The PlayStation 4 could benefit from the technology developed by the company Gaikai, a box that specializes in "cloud gaming", which was acquired last year by Sony. Well, that's all for now.

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