Xbox 720 "Durango" a true voice recognition system?

It does not go a day without hearing about one of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 . Again, it is the latter which is honored as The Verge would be able to get their hands on new information directly from a source close to the matter. According to her, therefore, the Xbox 720 "Durango" would incorporate a true voice recognition system similar to what Siri offers and so that we can fully control the console using our voice. And this is still a very exciting idea and should ultimately much delight gamers as geeks.

The interesting thing with this voice recognition system is that it would be able to recognize natural language. It would not matter to learn phrases and formulations made ​​all the console could understand our orders in many ways and without any special effort on our part. You come into the room, and you speak your console runs your orders. Simple.

The instructions cover a wide range of course. The user could "wake up" the Xbox 720 with a single call and it would also have the opportunity to interact with the embedded platform and therefore access to all features of the latter without having to lay hands on his stick. In a few seconds, and could list the parts of our friends, start a game, do a search on the internet, play a movie, pause, resume playback and more.

On paper, this is obviously very promising. After that, he will obviously expect the official presentation - presentation expected in a few weeks - to get an accurate idea of the console features for speech recognition. What is certain, in any case, is that Microsoft will have an incentive to put the package to make us want to leave our credit card, especially if the firm implements the famous DRM.

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