Ubuntu for Phones: a first mobile in October 2013

Announced at the beginning of the year, Ubuntu for Phones is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious projects of Canonical. And rightly so, because it is simply to transpose the world of Ubuntu on our smartphones, and through a dedicated mobile platform. Very exciting, for sure, and you may know that the first terminal to enjoy was the basis for the planned next year. Yeah, well it seems that Canonical has decided to take a little ahead of schedule since Mark Shuttleworth announced the arrival of the first smartphone running Ubuntu for October 2013. Or in a few months.

Fantastic, of course, but all is not rosy as Mark has said anything more. It does not know how to call this new mobile, or even if it will be available in all markets. Worse, he has not discussed the technical characteristics of the beast and will probably wait several weeks until we know more about the subject.

That said, we can even all-of-mind that the great strength of Ubuntu for Phones is that it will be able to turn on a lot of different configurations, it is quite possible that Canonical is not just to one smartphone and the company assumes its mobile platform and on several terminals for all ranges. Another positive point is that Mark Shuttleworth of all-even indicated that this would be the first smartphone available on most markets, it is quite possible that we can benefit from as well.

Finally, we can remember that Ubuntu will soon be offered for Phones download on the Canonical website. Anyone with a Galaxy Nexus may have to install on their device and start the test. should very quickly learn a little more about the features of the platform.

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