Jelly Bean: 13.6% of the terminal market benefit

Android is an interesting platform, it is a fact, but it is not perfect, however. And not its biggest flaw affects obviously the fragmentation of its ecosystem. Rather than centralize updates internally, Google has actually left his partners in care and thus we find ourselves faced with a patchwork of versions. This is apparently not ready to settle if one believes the figures published by Big G ​​himself. According to the latter, Jelly Bean would actually installed on 13.6% of devices on the market ...

The thing that should not be forgotten is that Jelly Bean is not a newer version. In reality, it was presented by the search giant June 27, 2012, during the Google I / O last year. 13.6% penetration rate at the end of eight months, it is still not huge. Not huge at all even, especially when we know that Key Lime Pie - Android 5.0 - is expected for the next Google I / O and therefore in a few months.

But the question you probably ask yourself, is to know where Ice Cream Sandwich compared with Jelly Bean. In reality, it is only installed on 29% of devices on the market. The big winner in history, it is Gingerbread, which alone accounts for 45.6% of smartphones and touchscreen tablet running Android. Huge and Froyo do not come out so bad either, since more than 8%.

Is that it is the fault of Google? No, not at all. The only mistake of the firm, it may be wanting to overplay the opening leaving a lot of power to its partners. The real culprits, so these are the latter. A force to launch new terminals, they forget to actually deal with updates of their models a little older and it is precisely for this reason that we are seeing such a fragmentation.

However, note that these results must be tempered. Do not forget that Android does not necessarily only upscale. In reality, there are many low-end devices running the platform, terminals which are not necessarily capable of running anything other than Gingerbread . And if we add to this all terminals "low cost" found in the Asian market, we can understand why Jelly Bean's hard to win in the marketplace.

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