Microsoft Office on Linux could happen in 2014

Linux has long been regarded as the fourth wheel of the coach but things have changed since then. Over the years, it is actually able to attract millions of people around the world and even video game publishers begin, finally, to take an interest in this segment. Microsoft itself could decided to make a step towards adapting its famous penguin suite in this environment. Office on Linux, this may be a reality soon and c ' even next year we could enjoy.

This information come from a source close to the case and who was present, the past weekend, the Free Open Source Developer's European Meeting . FOSDEM or, if you prefer, because it is still much shorter way. Anyway, according to this informant mysterious, Microsoft is currently considering porting Office on Linux.

But be careful, because nothing would be done. Indeed, the firm would consider now the benefits of this port and try therefore to determine whether the project is economically viable. It must also be said that Linux users do not wait for Microsoft to make Office. And against projects like OpenOffice / LibreOffice , the Redmond company could ultimately be very difficult to impose. Really hard, even.

At the same time, when we know that Linux is increasingly used in business or even in government, we say that Microsoft will not necessarily have the choice if they want to keep a stranglehold on the industry. Speaking of which, can also be added that the company would soon launch a variation of Office for smartphones and tablets , a version will be available on iOS but also Android.

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