Create a mobile application for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 has just hit the market and it is possible that you are trying to dig your head to create a mobile version of your site for the new mobile platform RIM / BlackBerry . Congratulations, it's good to take the lead. However, if you are not a developer at heart and if you do not feel like taking the lead, then you should know that the Canadian company has everything for your convenience. The latter has actually designed a special tool which will allow you to create a version of BBX your site in a few clicks. His name? BlackBerry App Generator !

Operation BlackBerry App Generator is simple enough. After arriving on the homepage of the site, you will find a small blue button cute that will offer you to create a mobile version of your site. One click later, this is a wizard that will appear before your eyes.

The first step is obviously to show the RSS Feed of our site . Then it will tell the tool the format desired. Too many options we are offered, we can go on a simple list view, a grid image or a hybrid system. The interesting thing is that it is perfectly possible to add more streams if desired. From my side, for example, I decided to add my RSS feed YouTube channel.

The second step is devoted entirely to the design of the application. Not worth dreaming because you will not be able to do crazy stuff either. In fact, it suffices to upload our logo , choose the color of the top banner and make two or three other niceties unpretentious. The good news however, is that there is absolutely no need to worry about the size of our image as the assistant offers all the tools we need to work on our image.

The third step, faster is to simply put our online application. To do so, we must necessarily create an account on the platform, add a description and complete the fields provided. Also note that the tool will offer even monetize your creation if you wish. Really nice of him, it is obvious. Same for advertising elsewhere. A little patience then (compile time) and you can swing the sauce on the BlackBerry World. However, to do so, you must imperatively you create another account type seller this time, and this by clicking here. Attention by cons as to validate your account, it will send to RIM / BlackBerry a copy of your identity card.

In the end, even if BlackBerry App Generator is very short, it will help a lot of bloggers. After that, if you want something better built, more fun and more complete, it will obviously go through a professional. Yes, because creating applications, it is also a job!

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