Microsoft: towards a Touch Cover capable of charging Surface Pro

The Surface Pro starts to show the tip of his nose and some users have begun to examine all angles. This is an anonymous user discovered the presence of strange connectors located on the bottom edge of the tablet, different connectors from those of the RT area. Neither one, nor two, our nosy decided to ask directly to a Microsoft representative. How to see, and very funny thing is that he replied to the message. Yes, he responded by indicating that these new connectors are destined to ... new accessories.

Surface and Surface Pro RT are not unanimous, it is a fact, but they do not lack assets provided. No and among these, there is of course the type and Touch Covers. Accessories that look exactly the same way that Smart Cover, except they boarded a true full physical keyboard and a touchpad true.

And this is still super convenient when you need to send long messages or wishes when fiddling with the traditional desktop in Windows 8. Well aware of this force, Microsoft would therefore go a little further by launching new blankets thoughts better, stronger and extra capabilities. For now, we know absolutely nothing about them but they are apparently able to charge the tablet. How? The question is there, but knowing that the autonomy of the Surface Pro is one of the ugliest faults, we say that Microsoft has indeed interest in putting the package.

In my case, I think it would be very appreciated by the community that is federated around the tablet, it would be a Type Cover with built-in battery, a type that could well recharge Cover quietly Surface Pro and give it and a few more hours of battery life.

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