Blackbird, the social network for students

Many have forgotten, but Facebook was the basis for a service only to students . Service on which they could express themselves, share their views or even post pictures of the cutest girls in their campus. Today, of course, things have changed. Yes, this is exactly why a group of enthusiasts decided to develop its own social platform, a platform designed solely to facilitate the lives of students by giving them the opportunity to easily share any type of content. His name? Blackbird, and finally the address to know when arrives at a new school.

Blackbird operation is quite simple. In reality, each student will have the opportunity to create a group for their school. Once it has opened, all students attending the place will have the opportunity to share different types of content such as tips, useful info, classifieds and so on. Be careful though because in order to share content in the group, it will obviously show white leg and thus have an email address in-school. In addition, to create a new group, the student will necessarily achieve together 50 people.

And then, how's it going? Well every page, every group, every school in the form of a huge panel on which students will be able to pin up their contributions. Obviously difficult not to think of Pinterest, we agree. The interesting thing, however, is that each content can be categorized. Thus, when open the page of the school, we can easily filter the contributions according to their usefulness, and also in terms of the message delivered. In a few clicks, you can therefore put forward the recruitment offers for student jobs, classifieds shared by peers, tutorials or even information related to accommodation.

To open content, it will just click. From the window that magically appear before your eyes wide open, you can leave a comment or share contribution on Twitter and / or Facebook. Cool. At the top of each page, you will also find several buttons to access his profile to find friends or to access notifications.

Simple, practical, well thought out, it is a service that will appeal to students necessarily. Remains whether just manage to find its audience, of course.

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