Samsung Galaxy S4: a beautiful 3D rendering

We hear a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S4 right now, but unfortunately we do not know yet what it will look like. Oh sure, we had a few pictures over the last few weeks, but they were not very exciting since they are content to take essentially the same lines as the S4. And this is precisely what prompted this anonymous designer to achieve a 3D rendering totally stunning and should undoubtedly attract many of you. Yes if the Galaxy S4 should really look like that, then I think we would be very likely to fall in adoration before him.

Samsung makes good products, it is a fact, but the firm still leaves too much room for plastic and not enough noble materials. And when we see what are capable of manufacturers like Motorola, Sony or Apple, you can not help thinking that the latter may be based too much on its laurels. Casually, mobile users are increasingly attentive to design their precious Samsung starts to lag seriously behind in this field.

And that therefore emerges this incredible concept that has a Galaxy S4 playing card ... metal. The result is interesting and even 3D rendering if not please everyone necessarily - tastes, colors, huh - I was literally stuck in place. A beautiful metallic dress, the integration of speakers on the front of mobile, a button dedicated to the camera onboard, we can say that it imposes and is typically the kind of device that would see happen in the catalog of Samsung.

Finally, in any case, we should soon be fixed as the Samsung Galaxy S4 could be formally submitted by the manufacturer as soon as next month.

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