Facebook Messenger: the VOIP coming!

Facebook Messenger is a very nice application for all those who spend their life on the famous social network and want to stay in touch with their community. Friendly, and you probably know that this is some time now that this nifty application integrates VoIP calls. Yes, but only our Canadian friends could enjoy far ... Fortunately, it just changed and this feature is now open to Americans. The best is yet to come because Facebook has decided to deploy progressively in all countries over the next few weeks ...

In other words, if all goes well, the VoIP calls should land somewhere among us in the coming months. And when this is done, then we will all have the opportunity to pass calls to our virtual friends, and without anything to pay. Just like Skype, so the video below.

Attention all de same as to take advantage of this feature, you will either find yourself near a WiFi or enjoy a package of type "data" . Most recent packages include this option, it is the case of all packages like unlimited, but it will still check ahead that you have what it takes. Also, note that it will be preferable to 3G (or 4G, for those who qualify) to enjoy this feature. Because, well, 2G, it might still pedaling in sauerkraut.

Speaking of which, you can also add that Facebook Messenger can now archive conversations with a simple sweep to the right side. Function was removed for a time but had to give Facebook the face of incredible pressure from its users.

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