Nexus 4: a return to normal in February

Desired, coveted, envied, the Nexus 4 has been much ink and it is expected by millions of people around the globe. But then, it's been a few weeks or months, it is out of stock on Play Store. The only way to enjoy it, at the moment, so it is going through SFR and pay 600 € and meatballs without a subscription. Not nice, of course, but be aware of everything-even that everything should return to normal soon. It is in any case what Cathy said Robin, director of the mobile division of LG.

Faced with all the rumors swell on the web for several weeks, LG, France has decided to speak officially on the issue of Nexus 4 making some factual clarifications on the whole case. The picture is clear and without appeal, according to the manufacturer, it's all Google's fault.

Why? Just because LG is based on sales forecasts for Google to determine the number of units to produce forecasts calculated based on the sales of all previous Nexus since the first model. Well, but the problem in the story is that the Nexus 4 has absolutely nothing to do with the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S or even the Nexus One. And for good reason since it is proposed a very attractive price considering its technical specifications.

Nexus 4: everything is the fault of Google!

But the funny thing is that all the countries would not be housed in the same boat. In reality, always after the director of the division of LG Mobile France, Google would not have the same expectations for all countries and the firm would have expected ten times more units in the United Kingdom and Germany than in the rest of Europe. In other words, it is easier to get your hands on a Nexus 4 in these countries than ours, for example. Be careful though because Cathy Robin obviously not throw stones at Google. Diplomacy, this type of post is important.

Journalist Challenge is not stayed there and he also mentioned this amazing rumor indicating that the Nexus 4 will be sold at a loss. Again, it seems that the gossip is not based, Cathy Robin actually said that LG and Google have signed a specific agreement to lower the maximum price of the smartphone without the produce at a loss. Needless to say, we do not obviously the terms of this Agreement and that's a shame, of course.

And after then, how it will happen for the Nexus 4? According to LG, the production is expected to start once again and all the problems faced by mobile users should be resolved next month. In other words, from the month of February, we should have no trouble ordering the Nexus 4.

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