LeWeb 2012: Pudding Monsters, a new game on iOS and Android

During the conference LeWeb 2012, ZeptoLab unveiled its new concept. After Cut the Rope, here are the Pudding Monsters. By the holiday season, the characters will land in a new game that is eagerly awaited by fans.

Monsters Pudding is as its name indicates characters made ​​with pudding. This game platforms mobile should land by the holiday season. Players aged 7 to 77 are invited to discover the new characters are described as endearing. The founder of the company, Semyon Voinov states that  fans, young and old, will find this game in picture quality, design and experience user behind the success of Cut the Rope. Owners of devices running iOS or Android will have the opportunity to play. A first trailer has appeared on the YouTube channel ZeptoLab. In a few seconds, so you can see the new atmosphere of this new game Pudding Monsters will be invited to experience new adventures led by players.

A game for all ages

You will need to travel and your characters, tried to make off the table, carry out... The goal is to form a mega monster gathering all the Monsters Pudding by swiping the screen. This can help other creatures who find themselves in the hands of enemies. Each character has specific power, so you can appreciate the gifts according to the species. On release, ZeptoLab to discover Slime. This creature leaving a trail behind her sticky green.

ZeptoLab is known to Cut The Rope Experiments and version came out in 2010 and 2011. Success was the appointment as 250 million downloads have been referenced. The biggest brands in the world also offer products distributed by Burger King, Hasbro and Sony Pictures Television. Every week, Om Nom Stories is also available from this fall, is a series of animated films. Thus, Pudding Monsters is an amazing game which opens the door to many possibilities in terms of products, according to the CEO of ZeptoLab, Misha Lyalin.

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