Snapseed available on Android integration with Google+, iOS version free

Mentioned in our columns September 18, 2012, Nik Software acquisition by Google has not been slow to materialize. Contribution in a blog, Vic Gundotra, vice president of Google, announced the launch of the application Snapseed for Android and update the iOS version.

In addition, the app is free on both platforms. We could talk about speed or emergency, as Google was quick to offer an Android version of Snapseed.

Facebook has offered Instagram and Snapseed now with Google still differences. Indeed, Nik Software specializes in software processing images with an orientation midway between the public and the professional world. It is this uniqueness that Google wants to communicate with the launch of Snapseed for Android and willingness to democratize as it becomes free on iOS (and launched for free on Android).

Snapseed was named Application iPad in 2011. It provides much more advanced options qu'Instagram but still easier to use than Photoshop Touch. Bring within the reach of all a complete application, the promise of creativity is the goal (photo) Google.

App has an integration with Google+ including native support for Instant Upload. The iOS version wins it some additional filters.

Sanpseed app provides standard settings (crop, straighten...), creative (B & W filters, "Drama" and "Old Film", which can be applied to one or several photos at once). Most importantly, it provides the technology that allows Control Point easily accentuate specific parts of your photos (illuminate a face, accentuating the couelru the sky...).

Google assumes that a "beautiful photo, it does not take, it is manufactured." Snapseed with expertise Nik Software does just that and should rally the crowds on Google+. The new generation of smartphones will be equipped with more powerful camera (13 megapixel, optical image stabilization...) for which an app sophisticated but usable on the fly may be inevitable now that mobile users have tasted Instagram. Remains to be seen how Facebook and Google will respond to evolve Instagram. A mano a mano that plays on the field of digital photography and its sharing, if any unifying social networks.

Snapseed for Android is now available free on Google Play and updated version (v 1.5) is also on the App Store.

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