VideoMemoPad: communicate with video Without YouTube, and without internet

Discovered by chance during a night stroll in a shop gadgets, this little notebook video is one of the most simply awesome stuff that I had the opportunity to discover long.

The Native Union Play VideoMemoPad recorder is a video player that can leave small video messages to others. Here, no website, no social stratum (the trick is social by nature), no WiFi and even USB connection. A simple lightweight small screen that can arise everywhere, and of course in the first place on the fridge as it is supplied with a magnetic back (removable).

Operation is simple: you press the Record button to record your video message, and press the Play button to view the messages waiting. Malin, the thingy still timestamp messages and alerts you with a LED if a new unread message is available. It is obviously possible to delete messages as you go.

Of course, the sensor 0.3 megapixels and "2.4-inch screen will not allow you to do Spielberg and you certainly remember the heroic first camera-phones, but the idea and the childlike simplicity of the gadget are the One of the nicest magnets and useful history of your fridge door. Supply side and autonomy, Play works with three AAA batteries and is, according to its manufacturer, 45 days standby and 4 hours of reading.

It is also available on the website of Native Union, the price at which I bought in boutique (Drugstore Publicis, Paris): 59.90 euros. A terrific gift idea for Newel, and a gadget that we could find other uses, including business (in a co-working space for example, getting fired by his boss via a video message pinned on the machine coffee, it has no price).

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