Free Unlimited Mobile extends the DOM

Free Mobile has announced that unlimited calls to terminals in the overseas departments (excluding Mayotte) are now included in their packages.

The inhabitants of Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique and Reunion can now be more easily contacted on their mobile. Free Mobile has announced that there is more overhead for calls to the DOM, except for Mayotte.

Calls to landlines as mobile phones are included in the offers unlimited calling. This includes Free Mobile customers and also those of the Freebox Revolution.

"Subscribers to the Freebox V5 or unbundled fiber subscribe or have subscribed to the "Calls to mobiles" benefit from this new service under this option," says Free Mobile in a statement.

As for the package to 2 euros per month, the operator indicates that calls to overseas departments prove taken into account at no extra cost in the limited time available.

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