Wikipedia: a true-false war published five years

An article well detailed and referenced on a battle in India fabricated stayed 5 years on the online encyclopedia.

Many are wary of Wikipedia . And because one of your friends or yourself have probably once tried writing nonsense on the online encyclopedia. Some are even days, even months, before being removed by a moderator.

Usually the nonsense they therefore disappear after a while. But there are fakes that have a hard life. "Conflict of Bicholim" is an example. This article describes a battle in India fabricated remained no less than 5 years before being removed!

It was an article on the 1640-1641 conflict, which pitted the Portuguese rulers of Goa (South India) and Indian Maratha empire. Launched in July 2007, the deception was not discovered until last December.

False credentials

"After careful consideration and some research, I came to the conclusion that this article was a hoax, a hoax intelligent and developed," explained ShelfSkewed the reader behind the discovery of the fake. He also revealed that the sources used in the article were all invented, making it difficult to detect moderators of the hoax.

This hoax is nevertheless not the first to be kept in line so long. Gaius Flavius ​​one on Antoninus, who allegedly participated in the assassination of Julius Caesar, took eight years.

Recall, however, that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia compiling articles created and edited by volunteer contributors anonymous. By its nature, Wikipedia can be easily trolled by malicious users.

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